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Wordsmith, poet, artist, and storyteller, Chamelion is a passionate voice who engages the heart through song. His emotionally-rich lyrics are deeply personal, yet resonate the universal desire for meaningful relationships. Chamelion brings a wealth of experience in theatre, intimate performance, and busking on the street while travelling the world, guitar in hand, during “a cathartic and healing journey of learning how to love and be loved.”  One of almost 1000 original songs, “I LOVE YOU FOR YOU”, the title track to Chamelion’s debut album produced by BC’s Winston Hauschild, embodies a fresh sound with unexpected depth and timelessness.

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I Love You For You
by Chamelion

Hey, nice work! I’ll buy a copy of the vinyl when it comes out.

Bill V.

Musician, B.C., Canada

“Great words from the heart!”

Chantale E.

Langley, Canada

Get it on the radio!! I think you have a hit on your hands!!

Sue B.

Homemaker, Illinois

Listening to your fantastic album. It’s very good!

Drew G.

Software Engineer, Australia

a bold work of art that gives a better later than never creative soul a new heart.

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“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”  Mary Ann Evans/George Eliot

“It’s easier to make it up than make it real.” Edie Brickell.

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  • 20% – Inspiration and 80% Perspiration!

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